It is our Mission to provide drilling contractors around the world with a convenient way to access high quality, operator friendly drilling equipment without the need for capital expenditure.

We offer the drilling industry:

  • A better way to drill with equipment that is specifically designed by drillers, for drillers
  • A better way to do business with no need for clients to outlay capital expenditure

MEH Equipment Hire was established in 2009 by MEH Group founder and CEO, Nathan Mitchell. Having been in the drilling industry for over 40 years and heading up Australia’s largest privately owned drilling contractor business before it was sold in 2008, MEH Equipment Hire was formed with a very real understanding of what equipment is most suitable and desired by drillers in the industry.

With this expertise and understanding, MEH Equipment Hire’s philosophy is built on hiring equipment that is containerised and high quality, ultimately leading to reduced mobilisation and demobilisation costs for drillers and the ability to tender for quality jobs.

Why rent instead of buy?

  • Paying up front for equipment can put pressure on working capital
  • Hiring drilling equipment helps preserve cash for projects and expenditure that offer your business better returns
  • In most cases, rental payments don’t appear as balance sheet liabilities
  • Our rental pricing builds the future expected resale value of assets into pricing to keep rental payments low
  • Future resale risk is worn by us, not you
  • You can return assets any time in what can be a volatile industry