Drill Rigs


RD20 Drill Rig

The RD20 is a self-contained, powerful and mobile drilling rig. Drill functions are hydraulically driven to provide a combination of quick response and precise control. This rig is designed to provide maximum productivity while operating as efficiently as possible, even in the most extreme drilling conditions.

  • Powerful feed system
  • Superior pipe handling
  • Uses either a standard 2-pod loader or an optional 7-pipe carousel
  • Tough mobile carrier
  • Equipped to drill
  • Heavy duty derrick and tophead drive
  • Floating power pack


Sandvik DE-710 Diamond Core Exploration Drill Rig

DE710 Drill Rig

1300m drilling depth, 53.2kN pull down (feed force) and 89kN pull out (pulling force)

Type All hydraulic chuck drive
Drill Mast 6m (20ft) rod pull capacity, designed for angles between vertical and 45 degrees, 1067mm (3’6”) hydraulic mast dump
Engine John Deere 6068TF250 diesel, 134kW (180 hp) at 2,200rpm. Other engine options available
Rotation Head Chuck drive, series 20HQ size rotation head hollow spindle. High/low manual gear change. 100-1,500 rpm stepless speed control.
Rod Breakout 2,230 Nm (1,640 ft-lbt) using rotation head. Hydraulic cylinder direct coupled to the rotation Head carriage. 3.45m (11’”) traverse at 30 m/min (100 ft/min) at 2,200 rpm.

DE710 specification sheet